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The Himalayas.  A dreadful place, what with the ayahs and the whatnots  -  Billie Burke as Marmy Carelton
1 2 3 H  Honorable Mention (Top 3 Comedy Classics Films)

Pictoral of the working class gives Douglas Fairbanks Jr. the shudders
The Flying Wombat was going to go into production as the Phantom Corsair, but never did due to the death of one of the finaciers.
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. on a mission to find the perfect puppy

  Starts off somewhat artificially, overly sentimental and predictable and never drastically changes, but despite all that this modest and unique film will likely win you over by the time the end titles appear.


  More a comedy-drama with servings of cute (puppies, penguins, Paulette) and helpings of kindness.  A film whose core is cuteness and kindness, hardly commercial nowadays and therefore all the more welcome.


  Most of the comedy comes from a determined Scotsman who just can’t seem to keep away from his beloved George-Anne despite recurring adamant vows to do so, and from some general zaniness.  But on the whole, it’s more about heart than laughter and the changes of them.

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