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And yet, he's more myself than I am... Ellen, I AM Heathcliff
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The film covers only 16 of the novel’s 34 chapters.
In 2007 Wuthering Heights was selected for film preservation by the National Film Registry.
Oliver was annoyed by Wyler’s direction of him, but in hindsight credited Wyler for showing him how to act in films, versus the theatre.

  A love so impassioned, all boundaries are eliminated, including death.  It’s obsession hyped up to supernatural extremes, yet persuasive and poetic.


  Three Hollywood legends (Director Wyler, Producer Goldwyn and Photographer Toland) merged talents to create a universe and characters with remarkable staying power.


  Much of the acting is superb.  [the opening scene] “is one of Laurence Olivier’s finer moments and also an unforgettable fragment of cinema.”
(Leslie Halliwell)

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