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This war doesn't just ruin the lives of the people who died.  It ruins an entire generation  -  Quote from a soldier  
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TV stations turned down opportunities to air this documentary, which is no surprise.  Even today the material would be considered too strong for network television broadcast.
The distribution, or lack thereof, of Winter Soldier has its own unique history, which can be read about online.
Many of the accounts described in the film have subsequent been disputed and at least one vet has admitted he made up stories.  Yet even if half of it is true, it is no less significant.

  Pacifists may consider Winter Soldier the ultimate anti-war document, but that would be an oversimplification.  Winter Soldier more disturbingly conveys man’s complete inhumanity and presents irrefutable evidence that we all have a dark side which can be manipulated.


  Documenting these horrors effectually cries out for establishing humanitarian war practices, which has occurred.  Winter Soldier’s prevailing contribution is the coarse reminder it confers to all civilized nations of what is to be avoided.


  Hearing the war atrocities directly from veteran’s mouths will leave a permanent impression on anyone, but those entering into politics or the military are especially encouraged to absorb the tribulations of these men.

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