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You're the worst kind. You're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance  -  Billy Crystal as Harry Burns
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The script was based on personal experiences of director Rob Reiner and writer Nora Ephron.
The interview scenes featuring ordinary couples were actually actors.
Introduced phrases like “high maintenance” and “transition person” into popular language.

  Individually she’s spunky, particular and optimistic.  He’s observing, frank and articulate.  Together they are incongruent, adversarial then friendly and confiding, and as they work their way through all these adjectives, completely captivating.


  Buoyant script and unobtrusive direction keeps the story and characters floating somewhere near cloud-movie-romance-heaven.


  Likeable cast, wonderful leads.  A successful love story doesn’t require the audience to fall in love with the characters falling in love, but a great one does just that.

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