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Turn on English subtitles and have a home sing-a-long.  ♫ Smoke on your pipe and put that in!  ♫ ♪
Yes the gang members dance, hello, it's a Hollywood musical
The choreographer Jerome Robbins at a younger age

  Why are there so few great movie musicals?  It only takes spectacular music,  production numbers, talent, story and dancing.  Okay, not so easy.  But thankfully a higher-bar musical such as West Side Story demonstrates what can be achieved.


  Musical numbers pulsate with expert precision and timing and collectively the score is brilliant


  The concept personifies innovation, updating and transporting Romeo and Juliet from mid-century to the 20th century, Italy to New York then turning it into a musical.  Likewise the film transports stage to celluloid with tremendous innovation and talent.

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