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One of the first Hollywood films to be filmed mostly outside of the U.S. in Durango, San Jose de Purua and Tampico Mexico.
This was one of Stanley Kubrik’s favorite films
Historically, foreigners at this time in remote Mexican territories did face the risk of being killed by bandits

  There’s a lot going on besides prospecting, including: struggling to get by, fortune hunting, hunting men, culture clash, gun fights, mental instability, murder, and irony.  Director John Huston makes it all believable, authentic and entertaining.


  Multiple adventures unfold that hold attention from encounters with Federales, bandits and rural folk to wilderness and human endurance challenges. 


  A balanced force of justice dominates.  Wrongs are equitably punished and rights are equitably rewarded.  Nature is not against humanity here but rather an equalizer of justice.  Even in lawless environments nature enacts retribution for
all foul deeds.

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