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Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable  -  Frank Morgan as The Wizard
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Margaret Hamilton was burned and her stunt double scarred from fire and explosion effects.
The still ominous tornado was made of canvas and spun by a motor.  ♪♫ The wind began to switch - the house, to pitch ♪ ♫
All the main actors witnessed the film’s newfound popularity after television screenings, except for Frank Morgan who died in 1949.

  So good it stuck.  Seventy years post premier, Wizard of Oz references crop up regularly in other movies, advertising, television shows and just about everywhere else.  Oz is a genuine culture influence phenomenon and the public's love affair has never ended.


  Casting Par Excellence.  No film better matched so many actors to their unique and indelible characters and Judy Garland’s performance solidified her a place in film history.


  The simplest concepts are sometimes the most memorable.  Human type characters each lack a critical human part:  a heart, a brain, courage -- can they be made whole?  In heaven or Oz, why yes, I do believe, I do believe they can.  

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