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How little you know about men  -  Robert Donat as
Sir Robert Morton
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The start of Margaret Leighton’s film career, and near the end of Robert Donat's.
Story is based on a real case that set a legal precedent.
Robert Donat made 4 films after this film, then passed away in 1958.

  Never released on DVD for region 1 (USA, Canada) and despite being one of the best examples of admirable traditional British virtues, it’s not even included in the book The Great British Films, although it certainly is one of them.


  A rare celebration of the functional family without calling attention to that aspect.  A warm supportive alliance between father and daughter, family sacrifices and a father who will lay everything on the line to protect his son’s honor exemplify the best family values in this fact-based film adaptation of Terrence Rattigan’s play.


  Hopefully all the sacrifices will yield their just rewards.  Certainly Donat’s final scene with his bravado hat tilt and excellent comeback line indicate forthcoming love reparations.

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