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There's a complex set of emotions registering on Joseph Cotten's face here, emotions that are perfectly in tune with Holly Martins
Some of the sewer scenes were sets because Orson Welles protested filming in the actual sewer system in Vienna.
Karas, who  played the film score, became a popular musician because of the film’s success.  He opened a nightclub in Vienna called The Third Man which stayed in business the rest of his life.

  Underlying the somewhat simplistic central mystery are many nuanced mysteries that add complexity – the inherent mystery of the title; natural vs. unnatural causes of death; and the mysteries of tenuous relationships, personal loyalties and core identity.


  David O. Selznick co-produced, but you’d never guess because the film’s style is all its own, saturated in dim lit war-torn structures, tilt shots, dampness, and even the city’s sewer system, all to notable effect.


  Great performances from Trevor Howard, Alida Valli and Orson Welles, plus ultra-confident direction from Carol Reed further strengthen the film.

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