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I'm not gonna hurt ya. I'm just going to bash your
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Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance  
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With this shot could Kubrick have been suggesting alternate paths, hidden puzzles, entrapment, isolation and more?  Of course!   Link to the websites listed in the comments for some amazing interpretations.
Kubrick filmed the story sequentially which required all sets to be ready to go right at the start of production.
Stanley Kubrick’s extensive retakes exhausted his leading man.

  Both Duvall and Nicholson give inconsistent performances, but you can’t blame them as Kubrick excels at getting the acting he wants.  So the question becomes why, and my theory is to amplify the purposeful disorientation in the film.  Yes The Shining encourages analysis and many worthwhile websites (1) (2) do just that. 


  The central story of isolation leading to madness and murder seems to be cancelled out by ghosts facilitating the madness and murders instead, which again invites contemplation beyond the film’s running time.


  Is it frightening?  It’s more eerie and disconcerting, with a few medium-level shock moments of which my favorites include the boy’s tricycle encounter with the twins and the scariest typewriter and carpet patterns in cinema.

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