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No Dialogue
by Albert Lamorisse
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Director Lamorisse cast his children in the film.  His son, Pascal Lamorisse, plays Pascal in the main role, his daughter portrays a little girl.
Won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay therefore the only short film to ever win an award outside the short subject category.
Film was so popular it its time that is sparked the opening of a chain of Red Balloon coffee houses.

  Half-inflated pacing at times, but made up for by charming presentation of its original storyline.


  Touching in how the balloon becomes what the child appears to lack - playmate, friend and protector, with no strings attached. 


  Colors pop against the drab grey settings, especially in the denouement which lifts film to Top 3 short film status - joyfully asserting that life’s cruelties can be thwarted by life’s wonders.  

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