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You need brains, and I need legs; and the Wizard of Oz doesn't live in South Cincinnati  -  Kieran Culkan as Kevin Dillon
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Kieran Culkan who plays Kevin is Macaulay Culkan’s brother.  Kevin is diagnosed with Morquio's syndrome.
Rodman Philbrick, author of the story, was astonished while filming to discover how naturally and expertly the two young leads acted their respective parts.
This film was a commercial failure grossing a little over $2,600,000

  Simple themes (“the power of right” “two heads are better than one”) are given emotional resonance by presenting them as allegorical fables played out in contemporary  landscapes.  Apparitions of medieval knights provide surrogate leadership that inspire our hero’s greatness through various appealing crusades.


  If you find yourself falling for The Mighty’s spell, two scenes are especially poignant:  When Max runs to a warehouse and discovers his friend was manufacturing hope, and the final scene when a toy bird takes flight - you may find your heart soaring alongside.


  The publicity surrounding The Mighty was as meager as its 2.6 million box office gross - all too average compared to its virtues.  Seek ye The Mighty and weep thy rewards.

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