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The whole world is seething, nations are crashing to their doom, and he'll be along presently  -  Paul Muni as Emile Zola
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Military powers do not fare so well in the film, until Zola forces national awareness of the Dreyfus case.
The actual front page of the Paris newspaper in which Emile Zola risked his career and his life was publised on 13 January 1898.
Paul Muni, in and out of makeup.  His makeup took 3½ hours to apply every morning.

  Paul Muni delivers forceful discourse and oration with apparent ease and conviction as a young radical thinker and as an elder man of untiring principle – he’s wonderful at it all. 


  Dramatic segments satisfy emotionally and at times are rousing, from the celebration of the written word to the cleaning out of corruption and the winning out of justice.


  William Dieterles’s direction is robust, meaningful and fresh, with impeccably paced story construction.

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