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One of the few Lloyd films shot in sequential order, as Lloyd felt this story was more character driven versus set-piece driven.
Football players from USC were used in the filming
Pete the Pup from Our Gang comedies makes an appearance in the film.

  Great script.  Script?  Yes!  The title cards are a hoot – clever, knowing, slightly cynical and punchy.  [The student body was waiting to be annoyed by the Dean’s opening address.]


  Eschews exaggerated acting common in silent films.  Instead natural expression and body language speak volumes.  You can nearly hear the dialogue after a clerk defends Harold, then his enemy (by mere expression and perceptive direction) conveys “hey, she’s got a thing for him, I bet we can use that against him too.”


  On target tempo and running time, amusing comedy routines, very relatable characters and situations as well as a dynamite finale add up to a complete delight.

        » Brent Chastain,   

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Bosley Crowther, N.Y. Times 1953 revival

Mordaunt Hall, N.Y. Times

N.Y. Times 1953 revival

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Maxim’s Movie Reviews

Andrew Wickliffe,

Leonard Maltin, Film Guide
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