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Well, you understand the rodent family much better than I do  -  Ginger Rogers as Jean Maitland
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The famous line about the calla lilies is actually borrowed from another play called ‘The Lake.’
Striving for improvisational realism, director Gregory La Cava demanded the cast wear their own clothing, and incorporated off-screen conversation into the final script.
Ann Miller used a fake birth certificate to get cast in Stage Door.  She was only 14.

  Pure fun and mainly lightweight, with a couple well-staged serious passages that elevate film to classic status


  The all-star-cast model, favoring aggregate performances over individual star power.  Hepburn’s external star power (she usually is the film) unavoidably intrudes which adds additional impact to  her role in the film.


  Director Gregory La Cava smoothly mixes actors playing actors, quick clever banter, female camaraderie, cynicism, despair, hope, and the magic of live performance.

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James Shelly Hamilton

Frank Nugent, N.Y. Times

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