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You mean I could go mad?!  -  Susan Strasberg as Penny Appleby  T
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Scriptwriter Jimmy Sangster wrote so many Dracula and Frankenstein Hammer scripts that he was referred to by some as “Jimmy 'Frankenstein' Sangster”   He wanted to break out of the gothic horror mold with Taste of Fear.
Cinematographer Douglas Slocombe's remarkable list of credits includes nearly 50 major films.
Susan Strasberg (right) is the daughter of famous drama coach Lee Strasberg

  Hammer Studios contributed generously to the Horror film genre and this horror-infused mystery thriller is one of that studio’s best.


  The all-too-quiet isolated chateau, the stilled expansive courtyard, the subjective shots of our wheelchair bound protagonist and a real or imagined corpse all create a pervasive eerie tension.  Watch this alone and at night for full effect.


  We immediately know something is suspect because the actors adroitly walk a fine line between sincerity and ulterior motives.  Every intended reaction is precisely crafted and the ensemble acting to achieve these ends is subtle and amazingly right.

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