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Let me put this rumor to rest, Hitchcock did direct the shower scene, I was there every day [Psycho DVD bonus materials]
So the story goes, an angry father sent a letter to Hitchcock because his daughter swore off baths after seeing Les Diabolique, and then refused to take showers after seeing Psycho.  Hitchcock’s reply:  “Send her to the dry cleaners.”
A big commercial success, it took in 20 times what it cost to make and was the highest grossing of all Hitchcock’s films.

  Seminal in transforming a film genre.  Psycho catapulted the horror film beyond audience expectations and green-lighted all sorts of cinematic nastiness in subsequent decades.


  The shower scene in 1960 transferred fear from celluloid to public consciousness unlike any film ever had.  This scene today remains impactful and is equally appreciated for its technical brilliance and classic montage editing technique.


  No longer very scary, but still good creepy fun.  With fear no longer dominating, you can enjoy the forbidding settings, the spot-on Perkin's performance, and the consummate direction.

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George Sadoul, Dict. of Films

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Donald Spoto, The Art of Alfred Hitchcock

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