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Some people think the crucifixion only took place on Calvary  -  Karl Malden as Father Barry
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Most of the story is based on the killings, mob rule and extortion that was inherent in the N.Y. waterfront operations at the time.  In fact, police protection was required on the set.
Many actual Hoboken New Jersey longshoremen were used as extras.
Eva Maria Saint’s feature film debut and she won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar

  One of the strongest conclusions in all of cinema.  During the final minutes your gut may experience a mix of anger, sadness and excitement as Brando’s rage targets his enemies and refuses to succumb.


  Brando’s performance here is one of the greats.  He’s tough yet sensitive, dull-witted but a thinker, a passive collaborator then an active messiah of change.  His gift is in the naturalness, as if the camera had never been there.


  Elia Kazan demonstrates once again his ability to bring out the best in the actors, to integrate realistic settings with realistic portrayals and orchestrate a convincing and impactful whole.

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