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After this afternoon, I must confess there are a few things I don't know  -  Dana Andrews as Dr. John Holden
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Against Tourneur's wishes the demon manifests - the producer should have listened to the director since the demon is not much scarier than the orginal Godzilla.
Stephen King, John Carpenter are fans of this movie
For more information about the film, there is a book: ‘Beating the Devil: The Making of Night of the Demon.’

  In many ways an exemplary model of filmed persuasion with the always entertaining conceit that the supernatural exists.  The characters that dabble or associate with dark forces could not be more convincing.


  Just the right forward momentum, like the trains in constant motion that close out the story.  Briskly moves from one necessary scene to the next as evidence mounts.


  Direction by Jacques Tourneur merits extra praise for the overall achievement especially when considering the non-supernatural forces working against the film, such as the schlock title, the forced appearance of the title demon, and the still-life performance from Dana Andrews.

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Georges Sadoul, Dict. of Films

Illustrated History of the Horror Film

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