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No Dialogue
Animation by Norman McLaren

1 2 3 H Honorable Mention  (Top 3 Animated Shorts Films)

McClaren created the entire soundtrack by etching various shapes into the edge of the film.
Oddly won an Academy Award for best documentary short subject – it’s a fictional short film.
Neighbours is one of just three Canadian entries into the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

  A smart anti-war parable with images generally innocuous compared to real war.  Escalates from peace and bliss through territorialism, war, anarchy and death.


  Animation style is striking and relevant.  People and objects are filmed like stop animation props.  There is a beautiful freeness in this technique which perfectly suits the material.


  Original and intelligent: A flower with the ability to levitate; an invisible (but certainly apparent) dividing line created by camera angles and sets; a no-word, no-titles plot that is completely understood at every moment.

        » Brent Chastain,   

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