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I’ve got a few things I’d like to say to this body  -  James
Stewart as Jefferson Smith

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"Look, the capitol dome!  It's all lighted up!"
Bicarbonate of soda and mercuric chloride swabs were used to hoarsen Jimmy Stewart's voice for the filibuster scene.
Ranks 5th in American Film Institute’s list of the most inspiring films

  Yes there is the expected corruption, but this is essentially Hollywood fantasy (cynicism implicit by inclusion in this category), which the film effectively capitol-izes on.


  Government landmarks and ideologies are invigorated through enthusiastic eyes and the reverence enheartens.


  The filibuster scene showcases the powerful combination of Capra and Stewart, in a moment of recognizably great acting. 

        » Brent Chastain,   

Review Comments When First Released:
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Richard Griffith, National Board of Review

Frank Nugent, N.Y. Times

Patterson Murphy, Esquire

Review Comments Contemporary:

Danel Griffin, Film As Art

Jerry Vermilye, The Films of the 30’s

Billy Stevenson,
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