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You know, it... it does something for your face: it gives you
a chin  - 
Claudette Colbert as Eve Peabody
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Claudette Colbert remarked 'I adored Mitch [Leisen] as a person and admired his talent as an artist.  He never imposed his will on any player that I can recall.'
Somewhat neglected in terms of not being mentioned among lists of the best films in 1939, the peak year of Hollywood’s Golden Age.
During filming, there was a lot of acting behind the acting going on - Mary Astor pretending not to be pregnant and John Barrymore pretending to be sober, requiring very large cue cards to perform his lines.

  Intricately plotted like a carefully constructed, yet delicate, house-of-cards designed to topple at just the right time (a figurative Cinderella midnight hour) all to very amusing effect.


  Claudette Colbert is completely charming.  This is a consummate performance in comedy film.


  Mitchell Leisen, known mainly to film buffs, deserves a greater reputation for his excellent direction (here at its peak) - done with an assured but light touch.

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