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     The selections here
     hold interest to modern
     audiences.  Perhaps
     surprisingly, a Top 3
     silent film may keep your
     interest better than many
     current releases.  These
     films travel well through


Technical Achievement:

  The more accomplished
 the various film aspects
    are (production, direction,
    cinematography, etc.) the
    higher the enjoyment and
  repeat factors.  Like any
  exceptional art work, the
   more individual elements
 excel, the more there is
    to appreciate as a whole.

     Entertainment Value:

     Films that stir emotion,
     cause reflection, inspire,
     make you laugh are
     favored.  While wholly
     subjective, "entertainment
     qualities" are much
     more fun than qualities
     found in the “film
     masterpieces” which
     often seem appreciable
     mainly to film scholars.


  Top3film's selection

  1. Entertainment

  2. Technical

  3. Timelessness

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