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Hell is like the kingdom of heaven, it’s within  -  Ida Lupino
as Ellen Creed 
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The remake might be more familiar, The Mad Room starring Shelly Winters.
Rosalind Russell was going to play Ellen Creed, but Ida Lupino ended up with the part.
received 2 oscar nominations for best score and best art direction

  Five solid performances in one film you’ve likely never heard of create believable non-stagey characterizations despite the source material being a play.


  Story keeps you engaged from the troubling letter sent near the start to the suggestive character redemption near the end.  The style and plot elements are Hitchcock-like though more edgy.


  Ladies in Retirement has never been released on DVD or even VHS and is seemingly forgotten.  Perhaps it was never that remembered, but its worthiness merits rediscovery.  It occasionally shows up on Turner Classic Movies.

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