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No Dialogue
Animation by Dony Permedi
1 2 3 H Honorable Mention  (Top 3 Animated Shorts Films)

Kiwi! was created by an animation student, Dony Permedi, for a Master’s thesis.
Dony Permidi made his animation lead a kiwi because other flightless birds, like penguins had been featured a lot.
For a period in time it was the most watched piece of animation on the internet and is still very popular, with over 20 million views.

  Not long enough to create real emotion (like the tragedy in Bambi), yet it similarly impacts an animation viewer’s expectations in delivering a memorable grown-up ending.


  Clever use of perspective and composition that invites thought while advancing the story.  A sublime finale literally and figuratively inverts perspective, so that the real world becomes the altered world, or has the altered world become the real world? 


  Near perfect construction and subtly profound.  Is the one tear shed, from joy, sadness, or simply flight?  Mystery, adventure and lifelong dream-fulfillment all in a brief 3 minutes and 10 seconds.  

        » Brent Chastain,   

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 Joe Morgenstern, Wall St. Journal

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