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I don’t know Sir, he’s so far beneath her  -  Cecil Kellaway as Thomas Gainsborough    y
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Fifteen Gainsborough paintings were reproduced for the film.
British historical groups praised the director for his taste and accuracy in depicting 18th century England.
Constance Collier coached Paulette Goddard in her British accent.

  The only filmed variation of Pygmalion that entertains without bookishness or airs of greatness, and the most humorous.


  The typically adequate Paulette Goddard delivers a surprisingly effective star turn, though occasionally over-the-top.  Eric Blore’s appearance is all too short he’s at his bemused best.  Excellent contributions also from Cecil Kellaway, Patric Knowles, Reginald Owen, Constance Collier and Ray Milland.


  The Leisen touch [director Mitchell Leisen] strikes again.  A gorgeous production that merits a rigorous DVD restoration.

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