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I seem to be in a vein of epigramatic sententiousness today  -  Claude Rains as Dr. Alexander Tower   y
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Bette Davis wanted the role of Cassandra Tower (Betty Field) but was denied because the studio felt her presence would dominate the film too much.
The where’s-the-rest-of-me scene was shot without rehearsals and was somewhat improvised.
The film was toned down from the novel which had suggestions of

  Captivating studio-system storytelling encompassing interesting polarities: (love/cruelty, life/death, sanity/insanity).  The story also incorporates an intriguing psychological approach.  Psychology neatly ties together plot developments, characters, relationships, careers and even facilitates the film’s transformative ending.


  Top characterizations from Claude Rains, Ann Sheridan and Maria Ouspenskaya and even Ronald Reagan merits some acting plaudits.


  James Wong Howe’s cinematography smartly captures the appropriate moods throughout.  Wolfgang Korngold’s score adds significant impact – simple and emotionally triumphant, then alternately whispering and eerie.

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Bosley Crowther, New York Times

James Agate

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Leslie Halliwell

Dave Ryan, DVD Verdict

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