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It's like a horrible dream.  It's like - being back there on the island.  -  Fay Wray as Ann Darrow
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Fay Wray declined a cameo appearance in the 2005 remake
Look, they finally made amends!  Ok, not from the movie, but couldn't resist.
Naval aircrafts were hired and intercut with airplane models.  The codirectors played the pilots in the plane mock-up that kills Kong.

  A 70 year old wake-up call to CGI-centric filmmakers:  If you want to create a classic effects film, make the rest of the film equally great.


  With its mixture of antiquated effects, camp, dense atmosphere, big-city adventure and high concepts, Kong creates a uniquely hypnotic mood, perhaps even a sense of shifting back in time.


  Modern plot reinterpretations generate fresh interest.  Watch with the notion that Kong is the literal manifestation of Carl Denham’s unfulfilled  male prowess and film takes on a new persuasive rendering.

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