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This is the tragedy of a man who could not make up his
mind  - 
Laurence Olivier as the Narrator
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Not only did Olivier star in the film, he recorded the voice of the narrator and ghost; directed the film; won an academy award for best actor and best film of the year, and was nominated for best director.
Of nearly 30 filmed versions of Hamlet, this is the first sound version
Of all the filmed versions of Hamlet, this version has received the most prestigious awards and accolades.

   The most credit goes to Shakespeare himself and Laurence Olivier does credit to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, delivering a magnificent transformation of text into cinema.


  Splendid acting, direction and diction work together to make Shakespearean dialogue understandable.  And the more you comprehend the greater the reward, for his writing is rich in meaning, humor, wit and literary devices.  Subtitles may be helpful.


  Appropriately not overly cinematic since the written word is the star here.  Yet cinematic passages are present and add greatly.  In one segment the camera rises from the depths of Ophelia’s despair, ascends even higher up the castle stairs, pierces the sky and even Hamlet’s mind, then settles back to record the most profound suicide/revenge contemplation ever written  –  To be or not to be…

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