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If you mean what you have done to me, Miss Havisham, let
me answer  - 
John Mills as Pip
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The church in the opening scene was a 10 foot tall prop.
'Total Films' ranked it as the 14th greatest British films of all time
David Lean saw Alec Guiness in a theatrical presentation of 'Great Expectations' and later cast him in the same role, which was Alec’s first speaking role in film.

   So completely literary it approximates the equivalent of an exceptional read.


  David Lean’s masterful storytelling and direction shows an amazing control over every aspect of the filmmaking process.


  Like any true literature classic, can be revisited more than once without diminishing returns.

        » Brent Chastain,   

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Bosley Crowther, N.Y. Times

James Agee

Richard Winnington

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