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although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong
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Clark Gable as Rhett Butler
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This was the first film shot entirely in color (and still the longest) to have won the Best Picture Oscar.
In terms of counting ticket admissions, this is the most popular film of all time.
Margaret Mitchell, the book’s author, approved of Vivien Leigh’s portrayal.

   My opinion has fluctuated over the years on how well Gone With The Wind holds up, but the blu ray rendition restores its timeless appeal, as well as revitalizing the beautiful production evident throughout.


  Probably the most anticipated film adaptation (of a very popular novel) with the highest expectations ever.  It succeeded, even exceeded on all counts, creating one of the all time best studio system movie going experiences.


  Scarcely do two iconic performances reside in the same film.  Vivien Leigh carries the entire film convincingly without a false step.  Clark Gable is an equal adversary and magnificent in the final 15 minutes.  Their love and sexual relations have contemporary appeal despite a few moments of melodrama.

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Lee Rogers, The Atlanta Constitution

Pare Lorenz, McCall's

Frank S. Nugent, N.Y. Times

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Roger Ebert

Dennis Schwartz, ozusworldreview.com

Adam Tyner, dvdtalk.com
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