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We fight for men and women whose poetry is not yet written  - 
Matthew Broderick as Col. Robert Gould Shaw
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In a few scenes the filmmakers had to reverse nature by melting snow in some scenes and adding snow in others.
Denzel Washington had some reservations about doing Glory, but felt ultimately that as long as his character was an honest portrayal and fully realized, he would do the role.
Director Edward Zwick was impacted by an article he read about Robert Gould Shaw which lead him to film Glory.

  The expected war themes are present and accounted for along with some atypical ones, such as fighting and dying for your own emancipation and gaining respect when there are no common backgrounds.  All themes conveyed achieve full emotional pull.


  Matthew Broderick’s performance is somewhat surprising and substantially creditable.  Like the real Col. Robert Gould Shaw, a fledgling officer who shouldered the task of molding a reduced class of men into efficient solders, Broderick must convey that feat plus carry the film from start to literal finish.


  One of the more noteworthy modern film scores - it adds sensation without becoming intrusive.

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