Gibbering Horror Howard Ghormley HOME 
No Dialogue
by Albert Lamorisse
1 2 3 H (Top 3 Live Shorts Films)

A malfunctioning camera caused reshooting 90% of the film, thus putting the filmmaking team into a similar situation as the plot of the film.
The home was a mid-1800’s home long abandoned.  The director says the film does not come close to depicting the massive size and creepiness of the place.
After filming was done, the filmmaker had a bout of vertigo that also felt like a scene from the film.

  Steeped in an atmosphere of paranoia and foreboding, but no more frightening than an episode of The Twilight Zone, from which it seems to borrow.


  Unique camera positions, added film grain and washed out exposure add to the aforementioned atmosphere.  The montage editing of the perpetually turning bicycle gears mirror both the circular events at the house and the repetition of thought, or perhaps recurring nightmares. 


  Notes passed under a door create an intriguing perplexity and later alarm when the recipient of the notes is revealed.  What’s not revealed is if the events are a dream, a state of mind, or some bizarre reality.   

        » Brent Chastain,   

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Stuart Gordon, Director Re-Animator


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