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I'm sorry, sir. I quit fighting  -  Montgomery Clift as
Robert E. Lee Prewitt
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Most of the movie was filmed on location where it was set, at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii.
Montgomery Clift learned to play the bugle and took boxing lessons. Fred Zinnemann said, ‘Clift forced the other actors to be much better than they really were, he got reactions from the other actors that were totally genuine.’
One of the top 10 grossing films of its decade

  Not a dud scene in the entire film and many highly captivating ones, like anytime Robert Prewitt (Clift) plays the bugle, or bonds while intoxicated with Sgt. Warden (Lancaster), fights with repressed rage or takes retribution from Sgt. Judson (Borgnine).


  The best war film to see if you don’t like war films because the war concerns are mainly a backdrop (no battles, and deaths are not the result of combat) to the most entertaining male soap opera (meaning masculine drama) ever filmed.


  Nearly all the actors are great but Clift is extraordinary – completely natural and compelling, the most loyal of friends with an independent moral code that undermines his own well-being, given the circumstances.

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