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You'd be surprised what you'll do, when the Lamia comes for
you  - 
Dileep Rao as Rham Jas  
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Production began filming in Tarzana, CA.
Bruce Campbell who has appeared in Sam Rami’s other films, turned down a part here due to being engaged with a television production.
The curse spoken in Hungarian translates to "Shall the devil fly into you!

  Apaced encounter with malevolent forces and little time for boredom because there’s always something untoward percolating.  The PG rating ensures the scares are tilted more towards thrills than excessive horrors.


  Adroit special effects work hand-in-hand with story producing an enjoyable funhouse ride with no wait lines.


  Plot is very similar to Night of the Demon (this time effectively not showing the demon) once more proving that movie-goers never tire of confronting evil, at least when there’s a cinema safety net.

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