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You know what's gonna happen, we're gonna rape this whole God-dammed landscape  -  Burt Reynolds as Lewis
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The actors did their own stunts.  Jon Voight climbed the cliff and Burt Reynolds injured himself going down the rapids.
A powerful visual metaphor that secrets can resurface at anytime and that it may be impossible to permanently bury the past, or perhaps nature’s final retaliation - to forever haunt the subconcious
Ned Beatty was the only one who paddled a canoe prior to filming, yet his character is the most inexperienced paddler in the group.

  Effectually casts nature in a God-like role of unyielding wrath.  If you screw with nature (mock and hunt its inhabitants or alter its natural course) it will screw you back literally, hunt you down and change the course of your life.  If you do not play the real game of survival (murder and deceit) you will not survive and if you do survive it will terrorize your subconscious (dreams).


  No mere canoe trip, but a primal journey through the human soul and the masculine psyche. 


  Acting in which realistic situations grip and Direction in which nature has never felt more foreboding

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