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She then called and left over 200 messages on
his phone  - 
Kurt Kuenne, narrator and documentarian
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Film subject left (Andrew Bagby) and filmmaker right (Kurt Kuenne).  Kuenne gives all profits for the sale of this film to a scholorship in the names of Andrew and Zachary Bagby.
If you want more information than the film contains there is a book available:  Dance with the Devil: A Memoir of Murder and Loss (link below).
The comprehensive actual investigaion is available here:

  Devastating.  As the major facts compile, so will your emotional responses.


  Despite a true hell-on-earth story, there’s a strong counterpoint - a geyser of love and hope that surprisingly recalls It’s a Wonderful Life, although this is no fantasy.  Dear Zachary is a real life testament to the courage and perseverance of the human soul.


  The focus on who the letter is for, the brisk editing and mosaic-style commentary, and most of all the careful revealing of facts add up to documentary filmmaking at its searing best.

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