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Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard
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Brilliant opening shot suggests so much:  a connection between humanity and the cosmos, a celestial window to the soul, and our shared identity-confusion with the replicants (unable to truly know our origins or our own star matter, our souls).
Philip K. Dick, the original story’s author never saw the film.  He passed away before it premiered.
Harrison Ford said Blade Runner was the toughest film he ever worked on.

  Immersive visuals and art direction.  The manufactured cityscapes feel real and the art direction dazzles in high definition.


  An intriguing and cautionary tale about creating too human non-humans.


  Possibly cinema’s biggest sleeper.  Premiered to very mixed reviews, then gained a strong cult following and now sits atop many all-time-great science fiction film lists.

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Janet Maslin, N.Y. Times

Daily Mail


Review Comments Contemporary:

Danny Peary, Cult Movies

Daniel Hirshleifer, 2007,

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