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You're too short for that gesture  -  George Sanders as Addison DeWitt
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To see some fine acting, watch the stalled car scene in a snowy street knowing it was over 100 degrees inside the car during filming.
Claudette Colbert was set to play Margo Channing but had to cancel due to a back injury.  Betty Davis and Gary Merrill fell in love during the production and were married.
Tied with Titanic, with 14 nominations, as the most Oscar-nominatied film of all time.

  All About Eve’s plot builds strong interest as it unfolds, surpassing (in story development) most films of its kind.


  You believe it’s Margo Channing though you know it’s Betty Davis in a remarkably assured portrayal.  Performance kudos also go to Celeste Holm who adds unrivalled charm and George Sanders who adds merciless cynicism.


  If you recognize the timeless appeal of Shakespeare, you understand the contributions of good scripting.  While not Shakespeare, All About Eve showcases many passages of exceptional dialogue penned by writer/director Joseph Mankiewicz who won Oscars in both areas.

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Bosley Crowther, N.Y. Times

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