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All them fine compositions, I never read ‘em, I shoulda had time, Johnny did  -  Dorothy McGuire as Katie Nolan
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Ted Donaldson, Joan Blondell, Peggy Ann Garner
“I want to know everything in the world” – Peggy Ann Garner as Francie
James Dunn won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor

  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn centers on loss, but it’s not depressing.  It is set in a tenement and money is a problem, yet it’s uplifting.  Despite undercurrents of hope, the subjects of loss and adversity invariably yield many opportunities for emotion.


  The delivery scene in particular stirs the heart.  Combining an anguish-filled childbirth with small explosions of repressed honesty puts a strain on your composure.


  One of the greatest directorial debuts in film history.  Elia Kazan handles all story elements with affecting precision and manages career best performances from Dorothy McGuire, James Dunn, Joan Blondel, Lloyd Nolan and Peggy Ann Garner.

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