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1 2 3 H  (Top 3 Silent Films)  [Technically not silent but filmed mostly in the silent film tradition]

This was the first non-English film to receive an Oscar nomination.
The title translates to “Freedom for Us.”  Various freedoms are celebrated throughout.
Clair re-released the film in 1950 and deleted two scenes:  1. A sequence where a flower sings  2. A lover's quarrel in the Magic Park.

  Direction that is astoundingly good.  Inventive touches throughout and tremendous narrative clarity make this 80 year old film seem as if it could have been made yesterday.


  A message movie in the most amusing and positive way -- Despite the inevitable ups and downs, never take life too seriously;  If the pursuit of love lets you down your friends will lift you up;  If industrialized work is more prison-like than prison itself, automate and go-fishing.


  Story is a soufflé as only the French could concoct, with universal appeal.  A hybrid of farce, some Les Miserable and social criticism that betters the best of silent Chaplin.

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Margaret Marshall, The Nation

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