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No, I already know you by heart  -  Liesel Matthews as
Sara Crewe
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Director Alfonso Cuaron has a spiritual side, which certainly helped him make the mystical segments in the film more convincing.
This was Liesel Matthews film debut.  She was selected among thousands of candidates for her natural qualities which matched best to the role.
Liesel Matthews has only appeared in 2 other films, Air Force One and Blast.

  Better performances all around could have made it great, but as it is, with its heart in the right place, it’s one of the better lesser known modern-day family films.


  Intercut stories of Rama, Sita, and Ravana appeal visually and provide fun parallels to the main narrative


  A delightful mystical theme permeates.  In one scene an Indian telepathically restores memory.  Sounds fatuous, but this and similar moments are credibly done, fostering belief that magic exists and love triumphs.

        » Brent Chastain, Top3films.com   

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