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First rule of leadership: Everything is your fault  -  Hopper,
voiced by Andrew Stanton

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Voice acting of Phyllis Diller, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kevin Spacey, as well as Roddy McDowall and Madeline Kahn in their last movie contributions.
Pixar created a “bug cam” to better understand the world from a bug’s perspective.
This was the first all digital movie transferred to DVD.

  Constant engaging activity – there’s always something to delight the eye, without too much in-your-face animation technique


  Brilliant use of scale, perspective and angles.  The bug’s point of view, the placement of an imaginary camera and the rendering of the critter’s environments are all exceptionally well thought out.


  Reveals the inherent beauty of this new modern day art form in its landscapes and characters, and offers the promise of even greater future digital entertainments

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