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Douglas Rain
as the voice of HAL
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"Kubrick never explained the ending to us.  I do know that he didn’t intend for it to be a predictable film.  I think you’re supposed to interpret the ending for yourself, and try to take away from it what you personally think it means."  Keir Dullea
Carl Sagan advised Kubrik that no human actors portray alien beings, so as to not create an element of falseness.  Humans (actors, mimes, dancers) were however used to play the parts of apes.
The monolith is encountered a second time here on the moon, and acts as an evolution accelerator or pathway of sorts.  Iintriguingly, whenever we see the barren black widescreen in the film we could be looking directly into the monolith sideways.

  2001 is the antithesis of catering to market research.  Instead Kubrik strove for and achieved vision, truth and art.  Bravura filmmaking with independent guts.


  Trippy?  Incomprehensible? – likely, if you approach unprepared.  And possibly the most intellectual film of all time.  It asks you to contemplate evolution (and other profound subjects) from the Dawn of Man through the next unknown portal of human evolution.


  Challenges (and rewards) your typical viewing expectations with its exceedingly slow pace and long running time, which is better adjusted to on your home theatre system.

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