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We nine can't understand how you three are still so sure  - 
Henry Fonda as Juror # 8
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You can’t tell from the final product but to save money, all shots from one particular angle were filmed together, which meant that different parts of the same conversation were sometimes shot weeks apart.
Studio executives must have been pleased that the film took just three weeks to shoot and cost only $350,000 to make.
This was Director Sidney Lumet’s first feature film

  Drama stripped down to the bare essentials.  1 set and minimal production focuses your attention on acting, story and dialogue and in this case (pun intentional), it’s riveting.


  To make this minimally produced film soar, the director had to bring out the best performances in the cast, and every day speech required just-right delivery – Mr. Sidney Lumet delivered.


  There’s a transfixing battle underfoot here and it happens every day - between justice and human nature (and its inherent faults).  Jurors, take your seats!

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